On the way back from a summer camping holiday in France, one of us saw a sticker in a window in a shop in Paris.

And thought, "so do I". 

They popped into the Pompidou (like you do) and saw a wonderful children's exhibition of work by a bloke called JR. The way he worked, thought and connected reminded us of Banksy.

Fish climBing trees

He sued the school system for failing to teach creativity.


Who can't be inspired by at least some of what Sir Ken R says? 


The TED talk that shows how art can make the world a better place.

At an event organised by the Creative Industries Federation, the Digital Economy Minister in the Dept of Culture, Media and Sport, Matt Hancock MP celebrated the UK's creative industries and their contribution to the economy.

The UK Dept of Trade and Industry sells the UK to the world under the banner of ‘Creativity is GREAT’ yet schools minister Nick Gibb MP recently addressed a schools conference organised by a man who has referred to Sir Ken Robinson as a ‘butcher’ and with speakers including one who says ‘creativity is for people with glasses who like to lie”.

Last week in Parliament, Sharon Hodgson MP, leader of the Art in Schools All Party Parliamentary Group described how, not only are fewer children choosing creative GCSE’s, but also how fewer people are now training to teach creative subjects. 

Read our lips: 'The EBacc is killing creativity in UK schools' 

Watch the 2 minute film below to see how it does it.

We've done the slippery slope bit. We're going off the edge of the cliff if we let this carry on.


A few weeks ago Darren Henley, CEO of the Arts Council, visited Sunderland and called for a ‘Creativity Revolution’.

So we're doing it. This week, for tomorrow.

The UK isn’t short of people and organisations who believe in and value creativity but we need to bring it out of the silos of education, trade bodies and our valued art and cultural institutions.

We need one message we can all identify with and shout out.